Tusmo Consulting
Somali communities

About the project

DDG contracted Altai Consulting and Tusmo Research to conduct the external evaluation of its three-year DFID-funded Community Safety Program (CSP) program across the Somali territories (South-central, Puntland, Somaliland). Altai sent teams in Gedo, Galgaduud, Banadir, Puntland and Somaliland (including Sanaag) to survey the CSP’s outcome based on the goals stated in the Wadajir Framework for development in Somalia. The research was primarily qualitative and included 223 Key Informant Interviews, paired interviews, and structured observation exercises. The Program’s outputs were measured by indicators such as Mine risk education, Firearm safety education, Conflict management education, Community-Police dialogues, Security infrastructure (police stations and court houses), and Explosive ordnance advocacy and disposal. Altai evaluated the extent to which local ownership was achieved for the activities and newly established state structures such as village and district level committees. These were closely related to the sustainability of CSP achievements. Recommendations to enhance future programming and to improve M&E systems were also made.