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Best research and strategy consulting for your project - what we do.

Tusmo is a Somali-owned research and consulting firm registered in Somalia and Ethiopia, with registered offices in Mogadishu, Garowe, Hargeisa and Addis Ababa. The company was set up in 2013 and has since grown to become a leading supplier of field research and strategy consulting services across Somalia and in the Somali populated areas of Eastern Africa.

The company further abides by strong transparency and integrity principles and is committed to playing a positiverole in the socio- economic development of Somalia and Eastern Africa.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We monitor current situation and conditions in the environment, evaluate it, and develop a strategy.

Data Collection

Data collection is one of our top activities. Strategic data collection is crucial for your project.

Policy and Strategy Development

We help you develop your policy and strategy.

Research and Consulting

Research, analysis, data collection, and consulting are our main services of Tusmo Consulting.

Political Economy Analysis

We are experts at carrying out deep and precise political economy analysis.

Mixed Migration

We denounce with indignation on and dislike men who are so begui led and demoralized data.


We research, analyze, and craft your goals and plans.

Tusmo Consulting helps consulting, professional services, support services and outsourcing organizations of all sizes move beyond theory to practical application of industry best practices and achievement of exceptional results in the shortest possible period of time.

Quantitative and qualitative data collection

Due diligence and third-party monitoring


Years Experience


Working with the best to create impact.


Get our consulting & reach your goals.


Expert people

Our staff of professionals has extensive experience.


Big experience

Tusmo Consulting has been active for more than 10 years.


Financial control

We research and analyze to save your resources.


Committed quality

We don't merely do our work, we drive results.


Big reach

We operate offices in major East African countries.


Quality research

We provide in depth research and analysis.

5 +
We operate in all major East African countries.
100 +
Associated Somali researchers.
10 +
Years of experience in research & consulting.
1000 +
Enumerators tested on previous data collection

We aim to deliver reliable information and relevant strategic advice enabling end clients to manage risks and deliver on their objectives in complex environments of Eastern Africa.

Tusmo’s experts have led projects in support of local and international government agencies and private corporations in the following thematic areas:

▪ Quantitative and qualitative field data collection
▪ Due diligence and third-party monitoring and verifications
▪ Policy analysis and strategy consulting
▪ Political Economy Analysis
▪ Evaluation and Review of Development and Emergency Programs       

▪ Security sector reform and stabilisation
▪ Governance and public services delivery
▪ Private sector development and economic growth
▪ Mixed migration and labour market integration
▪ Media and civil society


Management Consulting Process.


Develop Vision & Objectives

To create new changes it is absolutely crucial to identify and clarify goals and objectives.

Understanding Existing Processes

To move forward and develop, we need to analyze existing processes and evaluate them.

Understand Process for Re-Design

To make changes, we need to go through redesign and it i necessary to understand the process.

Identify Existing Change Levels

Identification of change levels is the next step in the process of management consulting.

Implement the New Process

Now when we have gone through the past steps, it is time to implement the new process.

Make the New Process Operational

After the initial implementation of the new process, it is necessary to make it operational.

Evaluate Results of the New Process

We need to look at the new process, analyze, and evaluate its outcomes and results

Ongoing Continuous Improvement

There is always a lot of space for improvement. Improvement must be perpetual.

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